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Synchronized Clocks,Master Slave Clocks MSC001
Post Clocks SC100
Outdoor Tower Clock,Exterior Clocks TC015
Advertising Clock,Outdoor Advertising Clock ADC 004
advertising clock,advertising outdoor clock ADC 003
advertising clock,advertising light box ADC 002
advertising clock,street clock ADC 001
Platform Clock,Station Clock,Metro Station Clock sc020
Platform Clock,Station Clock,Railway Clock SC019
Platform Clock,Station Clock,Railway Clock sc019
School Clock,University Clock,College Clock TSC004
School Clock,University Clock,College Clock TSC003
School Clock,University Clock,College Clock TSC002
Outdoor Big Clock,Exterior Clocks TC014
Tower Clocks,Building Clock,Big Clock TC013
Station Clocks,Train Station Clocks SC018
Station Clock,Railway Clock SC017
Metro Station Clock,Metro Clock SC016
train station clock,railway station clocks SC016
Metro Station Clock,Metro Clock SC015
Station Clocks,Train Station Clocks SC014
Tower Clocks,Building Clock,Big Clock TC012
School Clocks,University Clock,College Clokcs SC013
Floral Clock,Flower Clock,landscape clock FC010
Floral Clocks,Flower Clocks,Garden Clockds FC009
Flower Clock,landscape clock FC008
Flower Clock,landscape clock FC007
Floral Clock,Flower Clock,landscape clock FC006
Floral Clock,Flower Clock,landscape clock FC005
Tower Clocks,Building Clock,Big Clock TC011
School Clocks,University Clock,College Clokcs SC012
Station Clock,Railway Clock SC011
Street Clock,Outdoor Clock,Streetscape Clock STC001
School Clocks,University Clock,College Clokcs SC010
University Clock, College Clocks SC009
4 Face Street Clock 4SC001
Station Clocks,Train Station Clocks TSC001
Sculpture Clocks SC008
Street Clocks,Outdoor Clocks SC007
Street Clocks,Outdoor Clocks SC006
Street Clocks,Outdoor Clocks SC005
Tower Clock, Building Clock, Street Clock, Outdoor Clock, Station Clock, Big Clock
Professional Specialty Clock Manufacturer, especial Building Clock,Tower Clock,Outdoor Clock,flower clock, Tower Clock Movement ,Street Clock, Advertising Clock, Master Slave Clock, Big Clock, School Clock, Station Clock. We have more than 20 years experiences in designing and producing specialty clock system

Parts of our Projects Abroad of China.

Building Clock, Tower Clocks , Tower Clock Movements, Town Clock
Tower Clocks,Building Clock,Big Clock-TC011
Tower Clocks,Building Clock,Big Clock

Outdoor Tower Clock,Exterior Clocks-TC015
Outdoor Tower Clock,Exterior Clocks

Tower Clock,Building Clocks-TC005
Tower Clock,Building Clocks

School Clock, Tower Clocks ,Outdoor Tower Clock
School Clocks-SC01
School Clocks

Tower Clock Movement-TC009
Tower Clock Movement

University Clock, College Clocks-SC009
University Clock, College Clocks

Outdoor Clocks, Street Clocks, Big Clocks ,large outdoor clock
Street Clock,Outdoor Clocks-OSC001
Street Clock,Outdoor Clocks

Street Clock,Outdoor Clock,Streetscape Clock-STC001
Street Clock,Outdoor Clock,Streetscape Clock

Street Clocks,Outdoor Clocks-SC006
Street Clocks,Outdoor Clocks

Advertising Clock, Advertising Street Clocks, Advertising Outdoor Clock
advertising clock,advertising light box-ADC 002
advertising clock,advertising light box

ADC 002
advertising clock,advertising outdoor clock-ADC 003
advertising clock,advertising outdoor clock

ADC 003
Advertising Clock,Outdoor Advertising Clock-ADC 004
Advertising Clock,Outdoor Advertising Clock

ADC 004
Flower Clocks, Garden Clock,Metal Clocks,
Floral Clock,Flower Clock,landscape clock-FC005
Floral Clock,Flower Clock,landscape clock

Floral Clock,Flower Clock,landscape clock-FC006
Floral Clock,Flower Clock,landscape clock

Flower Clock,landscape clock-FC007
Flower Clock,landscape clock

Redwood Tower Clock System Company is a manufacturer of building clock, tower clock, school clock in China,Guangzhou.:tower clocks,school clocks,building clocks,outdoor clocks,street clocks,,custom house clock,memorial Clock, big clock
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redwood wooden clockTel:+86-20-8618 7700 , 8618 7720  Fax:+86-20-8618 7655
  Office: The 5th floor, Block 14, No. 791, CongYun Road, Guangzhou, GuangDong, China(510420)
  Factory: GanJiao Industry Zone, LiShui, NanHai, FoShan, GuangDong, China (528244)
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